By Susan Orman

A Book Review by Chris Anderson

Susan Orman brings it to the heart! What? Our fears about money! Each chapter is not titled that but STEP One through Step Nine. Steps! I can't say enough good things about this book because she makes it "human" and very understandable. I would advise everyone to read the Step 7 first, before they ever begin with Step One. She talks about negative energy "attracts". When we are down about our jobs and money woes, nothing happens. She calls this woe "poverty consciousness". Then she challenges you to give up your hold on money and start setting goals, reading them daily and the energy or flow of tide will change in your behalf. And that is her challenge and promise with a step by step way to wade through and up and out of your financial mire to success and achievement in the financial world. She desribes what each step is and does not leave the reader falling way behind from a lack of understanding or an overwhelming feeling that they can't do it. She creates the feeling you can do it and how!.

This is a #1 best seller.

-Chris Anderson

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