Rich Dad, Poor Dad
By Robert Kiyosaki

A Book Review by Patty Yonashiro

My brother sent me an excellent book by Robert Kiyosaki called Rich Dad, Poor Dad. If you haven't read it, please do. He is from Hawaii and has excellent advise as to how to get out of the rat race. (He has 6 lessons on how the rich teach there children about money...attitudes of the rich, financial literacy, taxes, and other great advise) And if you like the book, you will love his game Cash Flow. (It is kinda expensive but well worth the investment) Besides learning how to get out of the rat race, you learn how to manage your money after you become a millionaire. It is fun and financially educational. I am learning how to get out of the ratrace faster each time I play and it feels so good. But it requires such a different way of thinking).

Patty Yonashiro

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