"If ye are prepared, ye shall not fear"
Doctrine & Covenants 38:30


As we consider disaster preparedness, being prepared spiritually and emotionally is just as important as being prepared physically. This web page is devoted to tips on how to prepare emotionally and spiritually so that when disaster strikes, you and your family can weather the storm. You may have other religious or spiritual beliefs, but what ever your beliefs are, if you want your family to have the ability to stay together and help one another, then your family needs to work together emotionally and spiritually now so when those tough times come, you can help each other. The opinions expressed on this web page are strictly the opinions of Cordell Vail and are in no way intended to convert you to any religious beliefs or influence you to join any faith. Those are matters only you can decide for yourself. But this web page reflects some of the things that me and my family have done to try to prepare so that when times get tough, we can stick together as a family.

LDS Church Family Proclamation
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