By Cordell Vail

Here are some tips from my newsletters on gardening to help you with your emergency preparedness:

WATERING - Garden Hose Guide to protect flowers
LAWNS - Should you use Beer on your lawn or garden?
WEEDS - Lawn Clipings for weed control
WEEDS - Using Grass to have a weed free garden
WEEDS - Weed control with black plastic
TOMATOES - Using roots to increase tomato production
TOMATOES - Liminting size to increase yield
SEEDS - Soaking seeds to reduce planting to harvest time
CORN & PUMPKINS - Improve corn polinization and grow pumpkins at the same time
CUCUMBERS - Cucumber rack to keep them up off the ground
GRAPES - How to grow grapes (yes you should prune them way back)
MELLON MOTE - Melon and pumpkin planting motes
PEAS - How to keep peas up off the ground
POLE BEANS - How to grow pole beans
BEANS - How to grow pole beans
POTATOS - Here is a unique way to eat potatoes and let the plant keep growing
POTATOS - Increase your potato yield by 10 times (Idaho potato farmer secret)
GARDEN PLAN - Rotating your corps to improve the soil and kill bugs
GARDEN PLAN - Here is a sun / shade guide
GARDEN PLAN - Live in an aparment, you can still have a garden!
GARDEN PLAN - You may want to create a planting guide for your area like this one
GARDEN PLAN - Conflicting plants in your garden

Please be patient. It will take me a while to get all the materials here.
More good things to come!!!!!!!

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