Here is my little green house where I love to go sit and just feel the feeling (has something to do with the added oxygen in the air too!!)


I love to just go there to sit and breath in the oxygenated air. Did you know that plants put out oxygen in the day time?
As soon as you walk in a green house you can feel that feeling in the air.

Here is my green house with the side rolled up on a hot day:

And here is the green house with the side down and buttoned up for a cold rain filled day.

Here are some of my own tips on building and maintaining greenhouses:

My 2008 GLASS green house made from throw away windows
Green House Plans for Gig Harbor Emergency Preparedness Fair July 07
Green House Plans by Roof Height
Simple PCV pipe green house with pitched roof
Different PCV pipe greenhouse plans by shape, roof height and what PCV pipe fittings you will need to build them
Green house plans for roll up sides and flat front or half moon
Once a glass shower door, now a green house door!
All the possible shapes for a 6, 7 or 8 foot wide - 4 sided PCV pipe greenhouse
My neighbors amazing tomato greenhouse
My Roll Up Sides Greenhouse

Here are some links on the Internet where you can get more information about greenhouses:
BizRate Shopping Search

Here are some links on the Internet where you can buy supplies for greenhouses:
NOTE: We are not endorsing any of these suppliers. They are only listed here for your reference. (note the double sS in the address)

You can of course buy supplies at your local nursery and big stores like Home Depot:

Please be patient. It will take me a while to get all the materials here.
More good things to come!!!!!!!

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