Did You Know It Hurts To Think?

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Copyright 2001 by Cordell Vail

Why are little children always trying new things but adults seldom do?

Have you ever tried to eat left-handed? Why?

Why do you always put the same shoe on first?

Why do you start combing your hair in the same place first every time?

Why do men almost always start shaving in the same place first every time?

Why do you drive to work the exact same way every day when there are several ways to get there?

When was the last time you read a book cover to cover?

When was the last time you just went some where new?

Why do you NEVER eat your dessert first?Will it actually spoil your dinner if you eat the same amount of food in the end anyway?

Why do most people avoid doing cross word puzzles?

Have you ever tried to turn the TV off for one week. Almost no one can do that. Why?

Here is how you can actually feel what it feels like when it hurts to think:


Try looking at some object in the room and for 30 seconds just describe it out loud. Describe OUT LOUD the objectís color, all possible uses, it's position on the wall, what ever you can think to say. It is very important that you do this exercise by TALKING OUT LOUD as you describe the object in detail for 30 seconds. If you run out of things to say about it then start over and repeat what you have already said.


See what I mean? Just thinking about doing that exercise hurts doesnít it. You probably did not actually do it. Most people, when they read this, wont even try it. When they read this they just go on to the next thing and don't try. Is that what you did? Is it because it is too hard? NO!!!! It is because it hurts to think. This forces you to think. See...... this exercise helped you experience what it actually feels like when it hurts to think. Little children are not afraid to try. They don't get tired physically so they do this and do that. They are learning constantly. They learn and learn and learn. For them it does not hurt to think BECAUSE THEY ARE IN SHAPE. That is my whole point here. We not only get out of shape physically. We get out of shape mentally. We become mentally lazy. We avoid doing anything that is different or requires us to think beyond the normal thought pattern. Why is that a problem? Well because it also causes us to STOP LEARNING. We stop being child like when we start avoiding the pain of thinking. Being out of shape mentally hurts just like being out of shape physically does.

My suggestion to help you get back into mental shape?

Spend some time with a child this week. If you don't have a little child at your house or a grand child then go visit a close friend who does. Get yourself in a situation where you can watch them play. Watch them pretend and live out fantasies and dreams. Read them a story and observe how they actually live inside the story while you are reading it to them. Go for a walk with them and watch the incessant curiosity about everything they encounter. THEN TRY TO LEARN TO BE LIKE THEM IN YOUR LEARNING SKILLS. Get back into MENTAL SHAPE. Start doing things that are mentally hard every day and you will find that it will become easier and easier.

"That which we persist in doing becomes easier for us to do;
not that the nature of the thing itself is changed,
but that our power to do is increased."
Ralph Waldo Emerson

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