15 Steps To Success

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Have you ever asked yourself how how you can sure the people you are working with will succeed?"

I would like to propose to you that if you will take these GOLDEN MAILBOX 15 STEPS TO SUCCESS and have a new person follow them for one year, they almost could not fail. But notice I said FOLLOW THEM. Most people drop out in the first 30 days. When ever I have had a person drop out, it is without exception because they did not follow these 15 STEPS TO SUCCESS. I am so confident that they will work, that when someone joins our Golden Mailbox Team I tell them that if they follow these 15 STEPS TO SUCCESS for one year, if they if have not reached the goals they have set , I WILL GIVE THEM THEIR START UP MONEY BACK. Do you think I believe in these 15 STEPS TO SUCCESS? I do! I believe in them so strongly that I am not only willing to back them up with a money back guarantee, I am willing to back them up with a double their start up money back guarantee.

Here are The Golden Mailbox Team's 15 STEPS TO SUCCESS which if followed for one year, will almost without fail make a person HEALTHY, WEALTHY, AND TRULY HAPPY. For us that is success. All three together.

When you start out on an adventure in life you normally have a destination. A place you are going. And above all, A DESIRE TO GET THERE. If you are going to start a home business, you first have to ask yourself WHY YOU ARE DOING IT. You have to have a reason WHY. That reason WHY has to be so strong that you have a WHITE HOT DESIRE to accomplish it. The stronger the desire, the more the need, the greater the chances of success. If you just want to earn some extra money to buy some new clothes, or if you are just bored and want something to do, then you have much less chance of success. The more urgent the need, the more critical the situation, the more likely you are to succeed. If you just lost your job, you will be much more likely to succeed in your home business. Why can we always run faster when something is chasing us. Having a destination in mind before we start is one of the key STEPS TO SUCCESS. Stephen Covey states this as "BEGIN WITH THE END IN MIND".

When a person applies to be a member of the Golden Mailbox Team, they have to first demonstrate to me that they are capable AND WILLING to set goals. Once the goals are set, they have to be willing to read them two times a day every day for one year. In addition to setting the goals, they have to be willing to get pictures of what they have set the goals to do, or accomplish and then as they read the goals, look at the pictures and VISUALIZE themselves as having already accomplished the goals. Each goal also has to be something that is measurable like an amount of money to earn, something you can buy or own, an amount of weight to be lost, etc. etc. The goals have to something that can be measured. If you want to be a better runner, how can you measure that? If you set the goal to run one mile in 10 seconds less than you did last year, you can measure that. And finally each goal has to have a time frame. It has to have a date written down when it will be accomplished by.

One of my favorite sayings is "Don't send your kids to church, take them". If you are going to be in a business, what ever business it is, then you have to believe in the products yourself. If they are no good how can you share them with others. If you are not willing to sell what ever your product is to your mother AT FULL PRICE and feel good about it, then you are in the wrong business. If you are embarrassed to share the virtues of your product with your family and friends when you are talking to them, then get out of the business now. You should be so excited about your product that you have to sit on your hands to keep from telling every person you meet about it. Your own testimonial about the product will be the most valuable one you have.

If you read for 30 minutes a day for one year about any subject you choose, you will become an expert ON THAT SUBJECT. If you are going to be in a business, then become the BEST OF THE BEST at it. Know everything there is to know about it. If other people are not coming to you to learn about it and asking your advice about it, then you need to study some more. Confidence comes from knowledge. If you asked Einstein to explain the Theory Of Relativity to you, do you think he would be nervous or tongue tied? No! Why? Because Mr. Einstein was an expert on that subject. Now don't send Mr. Einstein to the store to get groceries. He could not do it. He could not even count change correctly. Did you know that? His wife had to do those simple tasks for him. But ask him about the Theory Of Relativity, now that he could talk about. You can become an expert IF YOU WILL, in 30 minutes a day. Now will you be surprised when you hear that members of the Golden Mailbox Team are expected to WRITE A BOOK after one year, on the subject they have been studying? My book title is :

Make more money on Saturday than you used to make full time:
101 business you can do from home

In order to be successful you have to be willing to work. I hear so many people talking about being in an MLM business so they can get rich and NOT WORK. That is not my goal. I never want to quit work. I may work from Hawaii using my telephone and lap top computer on the beach, but the goal of our Golden Mailbox Team is not to help people work one or two years so they can then quit work and play all day. When someone becomes a member of our team we encourage them to work all the rest of their lives. When they become so WEALTHY that they don't have to work to earn money anymore, then we encourage them to work even harder at things that will make them TRULY HAPPY. For example we encourage them to do things they love to do such as helping create jobs for the homeless, working with troubled youth or building libraries for under privileged people. You have to be willing to be a hard worker ALL THE REST OF YOUR LIFE if you expect to be successful now. If a person who is working full time is willing to give me 6 hours a week for one year, doing what I ask, I am willing to guarantee them that with that ambition, they can make as much working on Saturday at home as they now make working full time. But they have to be willing to work.

Did you know that the average American never reads a non-fiction book again after they graduate from High School. I just listed to a seminar by a man who is a multi-millionaire. He was told in school that he was a slow learner. He has in his library at home over 500 seminars on tape that he has listened to on the subject he became a millionaire at. He may be a slow learner but he is a steady learner. Television has begun to steal the imagination. Talk to any grade school teacher and you will hear the same thing from them. Children now days have no imagination. They have to be entertained. If you are in the TV rut, you have much less chance to be successful. If you are a member of our Golden Mailbox Team, we will ask you to turn off your TV and read one book a week. That is right ONE BOOK A WEEK. And we will give you the list of books. Think And Grow Rich, How To Win Friends And Influence People, Influence, ... well, If you want to see the list go to http://www.goldenmailbox.com/bookstore (You will have to use your back button to come back to here).

To be successful in this life, it pays to be a reader. They did a very interesting study a few years ago. They wanted to know who knew the English language the best. They assumed college professors who taught it would be the best. But after them who? CEO's of large companies knew it second best. Surprised? I was. Reading, that is why. They are all avid readers. All of them. They are experts in their field. That is why they are the head of the company. They became experts by reading not by watching TV.

If you don't have a computer, GET ONE. If you don't know how to use it, LEARN. If you don't know how to use email, TAKE A CLASS or read our free reports:


If you are not familiar with the Internet, START SURFING. http://www.goldenmailbox.com/library/internet.htm

We are about to go from horse and buggies to cars. If you are still fighting the age of the computers, then don't plan on coming to Hong Kong to the Millionaires Retreat with us next year. Computers are everywhere. They even use them to milk cows. You can do more to communicate with your family and friends with email than anything that has ever been invented. BUSINESS IS COMPUTERS. You have little chance of making a successful home business if you can not use computers. You could not compete with those who do. If you are still going to town in your horse and buggy mentality, my I be the next one to invite you to: GET WITH IT.

So many people say they just can not sell. It is a mental block. You talk to a woman who is afraid to sell and ask her if she can bake a cake. Then she starts telling you about this cake that she makes and how good it is and suggests you buy the ingredients to make it. She is afraid to sell but you could set this woman up on the corner in the grocery store on Saturday mornings to give out samples of her cake and she would be a whirlwind. Why? Because she believes in what she is doing. She loves the cake. She knows it is good. She knows it easy for anyone to make. She wants to share her good fortune of knowing how to make it with others. Is she afraid to tell her friends about her cake? NO! Anyone can sell something they believe in. What are the two main obstacles? Fear of REJECTION and fear of lack of KNOWLEDGE of what you are doing. We are afraid to try, and we think we don't know enough to tell anyone else. If you are an expert at making a cake you can sell it to anyone. You will tell all your friends about it AND YOU WILL NOT BE AFRAID. If you think you can not sell, it is just because you do not know how. EVERYONE CAN SELL SOMETHING THEY BELIEVE IN. Selling is just sharing with others.

On the Golden Mailbox Team, we try to help people overcome the fear of selling. We do not ask the new distributors to do any selling. They just find people who are interested, and then we use three way calling to do the actual selling. That takes the fear out of it. When you call the person with an experienced person on the line with you, you can just relax and listen. If you become an expert at your product, if the product is the best in the world, you will have no fear of sharing it with others. We also teach many different methods of finding in our Golden Mailbox Team. Because we want to pre-qualify people and not talk to anyone who will REJECT US, we mostly use classified ads. That and the Internet are the best ways to pre-qualify people. We have talked about this in other newsletters. We have a very targeted person we are looking for. That eliminates all the ones would not be interested at all who would REJECT US ANYWAY. We put a classified ad or a web page where that person would see it. That eliminates those who would not be interested at all from seeing it and REJECTING US. In the classified ad we put wording that has been proven by the masters to get response. In those ads or on that web page we put an 800 number with a free recorded message. If the person is not interested enough to call the 800 number we do not want to talk to them anyway, because they would REJECT US. When they listen to the free recorded message about our business we invite them to leave their name and phone number so we can call them. If they will not leave their name and phone number we would not want them in our business anyway, why talk to them if they are just going to REJECT US?

If they do leave the message, and now if you listen to your voice mail and someone says, "Hi! My name is Mary. My phone number is 444 444 4444. I am interested in joining your company PLEASE CALL ME." Would you still be afraid to call her? Maybe! That is why we then have our new distributors get on a three way call with someone who knows all about the business and call them back with you. Do you think you would be afraid to talk to this person who has already decided to join your business, if you knew they wanted what you were selling, and if an experienced person was going to be on the line with you to do all the talking? Anyone can sell. You just have to gain the confidence through knowledge and overcome your FEAR OF REJECTION by experience. This system works.

They have done some very interesting studies on seminars. Everyone assumed that if the seminar was free, that you would have a better turnout. And that is normally true. But you do not make more money. When you charge $100 or more for the seminar, only those who are really interested come. Then you have a group of HOT-PROSPECTS. People who will buy what you are presenting. What is free is normally perceived as having little or no value. If you are going to be in the business, what ever business it is, you need to be willing to sacrifice time and money to make it work. If you are in it for a free ride you will get exactly that, a free ride. If one person is willing to spend a little money and put 500 classified ads in the paper over the next six months and the other person only puts in two ads, which do you think will have the greater chance of success? That is obvious. The work can only be done by doing. Many times we mistake activity for accomplishment. You can not fool the chickens!

(If you do not know what "fooling the chickens" means you can read one of our free reports to find out.


It is one of the most important lessons you can learn in your entire life. You will have to use your back button to come back to here).

Have you ever noticed that when you buy a new car, then all of the sudden you start seeing cars just like it everywhere? Why is that? Have you ever noticed that when you are really excited about something or you have just had a thrilling experience that you end up telling everyone you talk to about it, including total strangers? Why is that? Again, that is obvious, yet many people are afraid to talk to others about the home business they are in. If you are excited about it and believe in it, can you simply talk to others and tell them what you are doing? Of course you can. If you are excited about your home business and what you are doing, you can learn to bring it up in every conversation you have with another person. You can tell them what you are doing to earn money at home AND YOU DON'T HAVE TO ASK THEM IF THEY WANT TO DO IT TOO. You can just tell them about it in your conversation. You can learn to share what you are doing yourself with others by telling them what you are doing with out ever asking them if they are interested in doing it too. If they are interested, they will start asking you questions about it as you talk to them. If they don't ask, change the subject.

You will just be amazed at how many people you meet who will help you in your business if you just tell them about it. I can promise any one who is willing to try this simple formula that you will be successful: just talk to two people a week for one year about what you are doing. If you will do that one simple thing, you will be able to build a fabulous business. Notice I did not say ASK TWO PEOPLE IF THEY WANT TO JOIN YOUR BUSINESS.... I said talk to two people about what you are doing. It is a foolproof system. It will be like buying the new car. As you tell people what you are doing, you will start finding people everywhere that have just been looking for what you are doing. Why didn't they ask you about it before, if that is just what they were looking for? They did not know you were doing it until you mentioned it. It is the same as the new car syndrome. You will see it everywhere once you start noticing.

We have used the example of charcoal bricks in past newsletters. When you set one aside by its self, it gets cold. When people work together as a team they are more able to stay motivated and encouraged. That is why big companies have a sales force with a sales manager. Most people need someone to report back to, someone to share successes and failures with. When someone joins The Golden Mailbox Team, we expect them to communicate with us at least once a week and report back on what they are doing. We also give them training and support. As a people we are normally very gregarious. We need to be needed. JOIN A TEAM. Be the best of the best on that team. Use the synergy of the team to help you be your best.

An important step to success for a member of The Golden Mailbox Team is being willing to guarantee your work. If you are not convinced that this is the right business, the right product, the right time, and the right place to be doing what you are doing, GET OUT OF THE BUSINESS TODAY. If you know it is the best product on the market, if you know that the person you are talking to can be a success if they will just follow your STEPS TO SUCCESS, then why would you be afraid to give them a money back guarantee? I am so convinced that what we are doing on The Golden Mailbox Team is the best of the best, that I am not only willing to give a money back guarantee after one year, I AM WILLING TO GIVE DOUBLE THE MONEY BACK. I know that these STEPS TO SUCCESS work. Anyone who is willing to join The Golden Mailbox Team, and follow these 15 Steps To Success exactly for one year, will succeed. If they for some reason do not, after carefully following the steps, I will gladly give them double their start up money back.

What are you waiting for? Turn off your computer right now and start writing your own steps to success. The hardest part of starting is starting. You have thought about this long enough. You have planned to get started long enough. Take the initiative to start right now to build your own steps to success. You can use these 15 steps from the Golden Mailbox Team as your model. But you need your own. You need what will fit you. You need to do it yourself first. Once you have a plan and it is working for you, teach it to others. You will learn more when you teach something to others than any thing else you can do to learn. You can learn a lot by reading and studying, but when you start to teach it to others, that is when you start to learn. Formulate your plan. Try it for a few months. When you are having success yourself, then TEACH IT TO SOMEONE ELSE. If you can do it, they can do it. You can duplicate your success. Teach it to those under you. If you will follow Zig Ziglars advice, you will be successful. He said, "You can have anything in this world that you want, if you help enough other people get what they want".

Winston Churchill gave a very profound talk to a group of grade school children one day. Everyone thought he would give this very long political talk that the children would not understand. They thought he would use the speech as a forum to deliver a political message to the world. He did do that, but the children understood. He walked to the podium and said these few but powerful words, "Never give up, never never never". The children understood, and so did the world. Now lets follow his advice and develop the tenacity to stick with it until the job is done. When the going gets tough, the tough get going. You can do this. You can be successful. And if you dare set OUTRAGEOUS GOALS you can join us in Hong Kong.

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