The Seven Secrets
To Getting Started

Copyright 2000 by Cordell Vail

Here are Cordell's 7 secrets help you get started with a successful business.:

If you are not doing it yourself, don't ask someone else to do it. There is a wonderful saying about religion that applies very well to business. It goes like this: "Don't send your kids to church, TAKE THEM". If you want to be successful, then start by doing it yourself. Others will follow your success.

One of the most frustrating things about working with people is when you have to try to teach them AMBITION. I can teach a person almost anything but AMBITION. If they don't have it, it is not likely you will teach it to them. So starting out, don't sign up people who are not able or willing to work. If this is not the right business for them, then you are doing them a disservice by signing them up. You need to find the right kind of people for your business in the first place. We talked about targeting a SPECIFIC CUSTOMER in one of the other free reports. THAT IS CRITICAL. Find a person that is right. You can do that by knowing what the perfect person is like. How can you find them if you don't know what they are? We had a whole newsletter on that.

Here is an example of how to qualify the person you are targeting and turn them from SUSPECTS into your PROSPECTS: Advertising where that kind of person would look. Then have them call your 800 number. That is the first qualificaton test.

If they do not even have enough ambition or interest to call your free recorded message on your 800 number YOU DON'T WANT THEM. If they listen to the free recorded message and will not leave their name and number THEN YOU DO NOT WANT THEM. That is the second qualifying test. When they do leave their name and phone number then you likely have a person who is the RIGHT KIND OF PERSON. You can do the same kind of qualifying of the person with a web page. Ask them to fill out a form giving you information about them before you send them additional information. If they will not fill out your Business Profile Information form, YOU DO NOT WANT THEM. For an example of a Business Profile Information form go to BUSINESS PROFILE FORM (You will have to uuse your back button to come back to here)

Once you have found an interested person THAT IS THE RIGHT KIND OF PERSON, have a business plan. Have what you might call your STEPS TO SUCCESS. Then have them follow those STEPS TO SUCCESS. That should be easy if you are already doing it yourself. Just help them DUPLICATE what you are doing. We will have a whole newsletter next week on "YOUR STEPS TO SUCCESS". If you would like to see an example of my 15 steps to success, go to 15 Steps (You will have to uuse your back button to come back to here)

Most people quit in the first 30 days. If you can get them well trained and duplicating your efforts in the first 30 days you have a pretty good chance of keeping them. I would suggest that you have weekly training. Teach them the products. Teach them the business plan. Then do THREE WAY CALLING on the phone with them to let them see how you present it to new people. This will also take the fear of calling away. They will see how easy it is. Send them training. It is easiest and much cheaper to offer training as email newsletters. YOU NEED TO HAVE A NEWSLETTER if you are going to be in business for yourself. You may also consider phone conferencing with groups. The thing about training is that you have to have it before you can give it. Does that sound too simplistic?

Don't say you don't know enough to train someone else. If you are going to be in your chosen business, then BECOME AN EXPERT at it. Start now and put together some training on your "STEPS TO SUCCESS". Write down your "BEST OF THE BEST IDEAS" on how to get someone going and then use it as training. You will become an expert as you start to teach others. Teaching is the best method of learning.

It is an obvious fact that when you take a red hot charcoal brick and set it aside by itself it will go out. Put a whole pile of them together and they will continue to glow red hot. That is an important lesson to be learned about people too. The more you can get your new person associating with a TEAM or GROUP the more chance that you will have of keeping them excited about what you are doing. If you live far apart, this can be accomplished by teleconferencing or even setting up a private chat room on the Internet. Communicate with them at least once a week by one means or another.

Zig Ziglar says that you can have anything in this world you want if you will help enough other people get what they want. If you spend your time helping them be successful, YOU WILL BE SUCCESSFUL. Set your goal to make them successful. Help them. Support them. Build them up. When you are done you will find you have lifted yourself up as well.

Everyone gets discouraged except you. RIGHT? You have to be careful to watch for discouragement and when it strikes in yourself or in your new person, be right there to make it go away. Set goals. Read them two times a day. Then teach them to do the same. Reading your goals will do more to fight discouragement than anything you can do.

Learn to memorize positive affirmations. I CAN DO IT. I FEEL GOOD. I FEEL GREAT. Say things like that to yourself. Get them to say those you are working with to do this too. YOu can program yourself to be positive or you can program yourself to be negative. YOU HAVE TO DECIDE. Your mind will do what every he program it to feel. Don't allow negative thoughts. BE POSITIVE. Being negative will lead to discouragement as sure as the sun will come up tomorrow. When you meet someone and they ask how you are, it is just as easy to say, "WONDERFUL" as it is to say, "I'M OK". That is "SELF MENTAL PROGRAMMING". Be positive in your programming of your mind by the words you say out loud and the thought you repeat to yourself in your mind. You can do that yourself and you can teach it to those you work with. DISCOURAGEMENT CAN DESTROY YOUR BUSINESS IF YOU LET IT.

SO there you have the 7 steps. The hardest part of getting started IS GETTING STARTED. We often do not do what we know to do. I hope that you will develop your own 7 steps to steps to success and then DO IT....

See you at the bank depositing money
Cordell Vail, W.B.
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