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Are you a goal setter? If you are not I hope you will be after you read this. Did you know that it is a proven fact that if you set a reasonable goal and read it two times a day that it is almost impossible that you will not accomplish your goal. If it is that simple why don't we all do it? Well, who ever taught us how to do it? We have all set "NEW YEARS RESOLUTIONS". That is not what I am talking about here. I am talking about VISUALIZATION. I am talking about doing something about it not just resolving to do something about it.

Well first let me just give you a couple of examples to inspire you on. Several years ago there was an East German ice skater practicing at the Olympics. The lights went out and when they came back on SHE WAS STILL SKATING. Everyone asked her how she was able to skate in the dark. She said the lights made no difference to her. She and so VISUALIZED her routine in her mind that she could do it with the lights on or with the lights off. She knew every move perfect. Every time to start and stop, to slow and speed up. She could skate the routine best in her mind. That changed the entire Olympic world. After that they began to study the East German teams and realized that is why they were all winning so many gold metals. Remember that? WHY? Because they used visualization. They did it in their minds before they ever did it on the field.

Another example: In 1957 they took a survey of the graduating class at Yale University. One of the questions they ask in the survey was if they had written goals. Only 3% of the class said that they had written goals. They then looked up the surviving members of that graduating class 20 years later. Guess what. That 3% of the graduating class were worth more financially than all the rest of the class put together. DOES THAT TELL YOU SOMETHING?

One last example: At a prominent University they were studying goal setting. They took a basket ball team and divided them into 3 groups. Then they tested them on how well they shot foul shots. They all did about the same. Then they had one group practice every day for several weeks. The second group did not practice at all. The third group sat in the bleachers and just practiced shooting foul shots in their minds. After several weeks they tested them and guess what the results were? The ones who did not practice were just the same. The ones who practiced every day had improved. The ones who sat in the bleachers and practiced in their minds had improved the most. WHY? Because they never missed a shot. In their minds they visualized making the basket every time. And when they were finally back on the court, THEY COULD MAKE THEM BASKET JUST AS THEY HAD VISUALIZED.

Would you like to know how to set goals now? Goal setting, it is such a simple thing, yet so few people do it. I have done it. I can tell you from personal experience that it is like a magic trick in your life. AND IT WORKS.

So what do you need to do? Well it is quite simple.

Sit down and think about what it is that you want to do. Believe it or not, that is the hardest part for most people. Finding something they want to do. Something they believe in, and something that they believe they can do. Just make a list of your dreams.

So let's pick an example. Lets say you want to quit your full time job and start a home business where you make twice as much as you are now making? Is that a reasonable goal? YES!!!! What is the hardest part? Quitting your job? NO! It is finding a home business that you want to do. That is the hardest part. Deciding what you want to do. We will talk more about that in other newsletters. But lets just say that you have decided that you want to start a home business selling health products because that is one of the MAJOR TRENDS in our day and age and you are very interested in health.

So here is what you do.

Write down something like this:

I have my own home business selling XXXXXXXX products. These products are the best products in the world. I use them myself and they make me feel wonderful. I am helping others to also feel wonderful each day by using my products. My business will be earning $$$$$$$$ by the xxx Day of XXXX, 20XX. To accomplish this goal, I will get up at 5 a.m. every morning and read for one hour before I go to work. I am an expert in the XXXXXXX health products business. I will find XXX new people in my business every week by placing one classified ad in the news paper every week, by developing my web page, by xxxxxx (name what you will do).

Get the idea? It is not important that you ALREADY HAVE THE BUSINESS…. Just set the goal and read it as if you already had the business and were already making the money. The actual words of the goal, of course, have to be quite personal to what you are doing. This is just an example to help you see the concept. But there are some key elements in GOAL SETTING that make it different from NEW YEARS RESOLUTIONS.

1. Have a time and a place you will accomplish the goal ( a deadline)

2. Have a goal that you can measure (an amount of money you will be earning, or a skill, talent or weight you will attain THAT CAN BE MEASURED)

3. State what you will do to accomplish the goal.


5. READ IT TWO TIMES A DAY. When you first get up and just before you go to bed.


I promise you if you will follow these simple steps you can accomplish any reasonable goal. It does not matter if it is earning an amount of money, attaining a new skill, changing something in your life like smoking, learning how to be better at something, anything that is reasonable. It will work. What is reasonable? Well may I suggest you ask HELEN KELLER that question. The only limit to your success lies within your own mind.

If you would like some more suggestions on goal setting, may I suggest that you RE-READ the book "Think and Grow Rich". There are many other good book that are just as good, that was just one of the first to capture the concept. Thousands of people have become millionaires after reading Think and Grow Rich and following this goal setting principle.

Because it is so important I want to say it again. As a part of goal setting, we said one of the key principles was VISUALIZATION. Why is that so important? Because that is what makes it work. That is what changes it from a "NEW YEAR'S RESOLUTION" to a power that will transform your life. I hope that each of you who have not set goals before, caught the "VISION OF VISUALIZATION". I could easy tell if you did catch the "VISION OF VISUALIZATION" if I could just come to your home for five minutes. All I would have to do is walk around your house and I could tell. HOW? I would look for a new picture you had hung up somewhere this week. If you goal is to have a new car I would look to see if you got a picture of that new car and hung it by your bed where you could look at it every morning and every night while you read your goals. If I found no pictures of your VISUALIZED GOAL, I would know that you have not got it yet. You did not understand the "VISION OF VISUALIZATION". So there is a hint for success in your life, now you are writing down your goals, GET A PICTURE OF IT. Look at it. Feel it. Imagine yourself already having it. "VISION OF VISUALIZATION". That is the key.

What is the most important KEY in the 6 steps to goal setting? VISUALIZATION. Seeing and believing. I have used this method to more than triple my income in the past 10 years. IT WORKS. But only if you work it. If you do not write the goal down. IT WILL NOT WORK. If you do not read them twice a day, YOU HAVE NO PROMISE. If you do not VISUALIZE yourself already having it, then there is little hope it will come. FAITH. BELIEVING. KNOWING YOU CAN DO IT. VISUALIZING YOURSELF ALREADY THERE. That is the key. And you can do it IF YOU WILL! What do you have to loose?


Your millionaire friend in the making
Cordell Vail, W.B.

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