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Normally when I give a goal setting seminar and people make their first attempt at writing down their goals they just make a 1 2 3 list of the basic things that they want to accomplish. That is good. That is the place to start.

However for a goal to be truly effective there are eight elements that they have to have in them.

1. The goal has to be something you are going to accomplish that can be measured. To be a better runner is not a goal that is a wish. To run the mile in 6 minutes is a measurable goal.

2. You need a time line or deadline when you are going to accomplish it. Set a date. By my birthday on the 10th of June 2002 I will....

3. They must be positive, present tense and personal. 4. Create a plan of action by which you are going to accomplish it. If it is just something you want it is not a goal. State in your goal exactly what you are going to do to get it, step by step.

5. The goals must be written down. If they are not written they are just wishes or new years resolutions.

6. You need to read the goals two times a day and rewrite them as often as possible.

7. It is critical that you visualize the goal in your mind as you read it. See yourself as having accomplished it already. Get pictures of what you are visualizing and hang them on the wall to look at as you visualize.

8. You need to share your goals with a close friend to help you be committed to them. If someone else knows about them they will expect you to accomplish the goals.

Here is one of those goal lists that one of my Progegee's submitted to me.

1. I want to be making $24,000 in Usana by Feb 5, 2002

2. I want to be making in Young living by Sept. 30, 2001 $30,000

3. I will pay off all our debts so I can be free of all fear WITHIN 5 YEARS

4. I want a new car by Feb 5, 2001

5. I want a home by Christmas 2001

6. I want the home paid for in 6 years

7. I want a retirement program for me

The reason I have a copy of her goals is because she was following step #7 by sharing them with me. I will help her accomplish these goals now she has set them.

I helped her re-write the first goal to see an example of how these seven steps are applied. I let her re-write the other goals herself.

GOAL #1:

By the 5th day of February 2002 I will be making $24,000 a year in my USANA business. That is $2,000 a month. $500 a week.

To accomplish this goal I am looking for four specific QUALIFIED DISTRIBUTORS to work with me in USANA who are the best business builders in the world. One of these FOUR QUALIFIED DISTRIBUTORS is John Doe, who is already an excellent businessman and has many connections in Hong Kong. The other three QUALIFIED DISTRIBUTORS are MEN who are now working at high level management jobs in the corporate world and are very dissatisfied with their life.

I will find them and help them to find Health, Wealth and True Happiness by being associated WITH ME in USANA. I am a blessing in their lives because I will help them learn how to be TRULY HAPPY. I can see myself working with these FOUR QUALIFIED DISTRIBUTORS building our USANA business. I will find these other three QUALIFIED DISTRIBUTORS by the 1st day of January 2001.

To find the other three QUALIFIED DISTRIBUTORS, once a week, I will go to the city of Pleasant Grove where most of the management of Herod's Steel live. I will become associated with the people in that community through the local civic clubs. I will talk to two people every week in person and tell them what I am doing in USANA.

I will also put one classified ad in every issue of the Harod's Steel News letter, Novel Weekly bulletin, Word Perfect Weekly, The Delta Frequent Flyer on board magazine and the U of A Alumni monthly magazine. These THREE QUALIFIED DISTRIBUTORS will see one of my advertisements and call me.

These four men will help me increase my USANA business by becoming the largest USANA distributors in HONG KONG. By Sept. 30 2003, I will be making $48,000 a year which $4,000 a month or $1,000 a week in my USANA business. I will accomplish this goal by helping each of my four QUALIFIED DISTRIBUTORS to find their FOUR QUALIFIED DISTRIBUTORS by the 1st of January 2001.

I will help them become well trained, and highly successful. I will travel together with the Golden Mailbox Team all over the world giving seminars on USANA. MY first seminar in HONG KONG will be held on the 1st day of April 2001 in the Hilton Hotel on Nathan Street in Hong Kong.

I am the BEST OF THE BEST and all who associate with me will be better because of their association with me.

If you would like help writing your goals, you can contact me at goalsetting@goldenmailbox.com

The only limit to your achievement lies with in your own mind

Cordell Vail, W.B.

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