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There is another aspect of goal setting. I call it PROVIDENCE. I can not explain how it works. I can not tell you why it works. I can only tell you that it does work. How do I know? Because I have years of experience teaching goal setting and watching it work in my own life and in the lives of those I have taught.

It has been my experience after 30 years of giving seminars on goal setting that when someone sets a goal, if they will write it down, have a deadline, read it twice a day, tell a friend about it, and then visualize it with action in their mind like they already have accomplished that goal, then they will experience PROVIDENCE. What is that? Well, they will see that all of the sudden windows start to open. They will find doors of opportunity coming to light. Everything just starts to fall into place. It just happens. Sometimes it is almost like a miracle. It is like, well, it is like PROVIDENCE.

How you describe this phenomena is going to have to be within your own personal spiritual frame of reference. I simply can not explain it. I have heard some very famous speakers try to explain it as divine intervention. I have heard others say it was the forces of nature at work. Some say it is spiritual manifestation of life while sceptics say it is just fate. I have even heard some say it had something to do with destiny.

I could give you literally hundreds of examples from my own life as well as the lives of my students. I will just cite a few examples here to show you exactly what I mean by PROVIDENCE.

Just this week on of my students related her success story to me that is a perfect example. Some time ago, she set the goal of having a jumping horse. They are very expensive. She did not have the money to buy one. But she set the goal. She followed the program. She made a list of 17 things that the horse had to be to qualify for what she wanted. Just a few weeks after she had set the goal and made the list, she was at a horse stable visiting a friend who was a jumping horse trainer. As they stood there, this beautiful, long legged, dark colored horse came running down the road. They could tell from the gate of the horse that it was a run away horse. So they caught it and tied it up waiting for the owner to come.

As my student stood there gazing at this beautiful horse, she began to realize that this horse was almost exactly what was on her list of 17 things. She studied it more closely. Her horse trainer friend told her not to get too interested in it because even if it was for sale it would be way out of her price range.

Finally the owner did come. He said the horse was not trained to jump yet but it had jumped the fence in the corral and ran down the road. My friend asked if it was for sale. The owner said he would sell the horse but again emphasized that it was not trained to jump yet. She offered him $2,500 expecting him to just laugh at the price. He said OK! The horse had every characteristic she had listed on the paper. ALL 17, including the price. She has trained the horse for several months. It is now worth over $10,000.

Now how does this relate to PROVIDENCE? Well, you tell me why the horse jumped the fence and came to her. Why did it come to the very barn where she was waiting while she was there waiting? She did not go there often. You say it was just a coincidence that the horse with her exact 17 characteristics came to her? I will just smile if you tell me that. Why? Because I have 100's of other examples where things like this "just happen" when someone sets a goal. I call it PROVIDENCE.

Here is another example that happened to me this very week. Today in fact. My wife just returned from a little vacation to Utah this week. She brought back with her all the things we had to leave behind when we moved to Seattle. Those things have been there waiting for us for 5 years. There were really only a couple of things that I wanted. An old coal burning stove and a treadle sewing machine. But I decided to give the sewing machine to my nephew and his wife there in Utah for helping my wife load the trailer and get the shed cleaned out. It was a lot of work. I really wanted the sewing machine, but I felt it would bring them more joy than it would bring me because my niece wanted one so bad and is really into sewing. So I gave it to them and it made me really happy to do it. When I gave them the sewing machine, I set the goal to find another one for me.

What does this have to do with PROVIDENCE? When I gave them the sewing machine, I set the goal to "some time" find a new treadle sewing machine, but I did not tell my wife that. My wife is what you could call an expert at "yard saleing". She is good. She is like an eagle. Today, she went out "yard saleing". Later she called me on her cell phone from a yard sale. I answered the phone by saying, "WHAT AND HOW MUCH". I know her too well. She said there is this treadle sewing machine in this man's yard. I asked how much (expecting her to say hundreds). She said he just wanted us to make an offer. (If you don't know how much treadle sewing machines are worth you wont get this..) I said, "OFFER HIM $50".

A little while later she came in my computer room and asked if I wanted to come unload it. I said, "unload what"? I just assumed he would not sell the sewing machine and thought she had some big heavy cabinet or something. She said she had the sewing machine. She told me he did turn down the $50 offer (which I fully expected him to do). He said he had to have at least $60 in cash. She went to the bank, got the cash and brought the sewing machine home. I could not unload the machine right then, I was laughing too hard.

How does this relate to PROVIDENCE? He told my wife that this sewing machine has been in his family for 100 years. I have seen several yards sales at his house. Lots of them. Almost every week. Tell me why he put the treadle sewing machine that has been in his family for 100 years, out in the yard sale TODAY when I had just set the goal to find one. Tell me why my wife spotted it. Tell me why she would think I wanted another one when I had just given away the one we had. You explain it. I call it PROVIDENCE.

One of the things that John D. Rockefeller taught his sons was to always give 10% of what they earned to charity. You know the rest of the financial story of that family. Well, I challenged one of my friends to set the goal to pay 10% of his income to his church as tithing. He said he just could not do it. I finally convinced him to just try it. He gave the 10% on Sunday, knowing he would not be able to pay all his bills that month by doing it. He set the goal and had the faith to try it. The very next day his boss just came up to him at work unannounced and said he though he deserved a 10% pay raise. You explain that to me. How can these things happen? I do not know. You explain them. I just know they do happen, time after time after time. They happen. I call it PROVIDENCE.

I will not give you with more examples. I will only tell you - no I will promise you, that if you will follow these principles of goal setting: write it down, have a deadline, read it twice a day, tell a friend about it, and then visualize it with action in your mind like you already have accomplished that goal; that some how, some way, by some means the doors just open.

Goal setting is such a simple thing. It is like falling off a log. It is almost magic. It works. Yet it is so hard for some people to do. WHY? I just do not know. There are so few people who seem to be able do it over a long period of time. It never ceases to amaze me as I teach goal setting seminars, how few people ever actually have been able to do it in the past before they came to my seminar.

If I just explain goal setting to someone, they say they see it's value. They say they will do it. Yet when I check back with them in a few weeks, I find they normally have just set some goals but they are not following the system I have outlined for them. Then in 6 months I check with them again, and they are still where they were before, feeling there "New Year's Resolution" style of goal setting did not work. They are right. It normally wont work. Why? Because they hoped just setting the goal would be enough. They do not seem to be willing to do the work that goes with it.

Just setting a goal is no different than making a wish. "If wishes were like fishes we would all have a great fry". You have to follow the full system of goal setting to make it work. You have to write it down, have a deadline, read it twice a day, tell a friend about it, and then visualize it with action in your mind like you already have accomplished that goal.

My lifes experiences are totally based around goal setting. I have given 100's of seminars on the subject. I think I can say that I am some what of an expert on the principles of goal setting. I can promise you with a 100% double your money back guarantee that it works if you will just follow the simple goal setting principles I have outlined for you in these newsletters.

I hope that most of our newsletter subscribers are actually following our system of goal setting now. If you are not doing it yet, I ask you, "What will it take to get you started?" I guess you will have to come to one of my "ITS MY TURN TO WIN" seminars. Then you will be converted. You can not leave my seminar without becoming an achieving goal setter, I promise you that.

So what are you waiting for?


How's about we just go buy the bank
then we won't have to stand in
line filling out deposit slips any more!!!!

Your millionaire in the making friend
Cordell Vail, W.B.

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The only limit to your achievement lies with in your own mind

Cordell Vail, W.B.

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