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I recently attended a convention. At break time I entered the lady's room and found a woman washing her hands, "That was a powerful talk just given by the girl who taught the tennis lessons!" I said. " I was sitting so far back and couldn't see her well. Was that you?"

She laughed and said, "No! But I wish I were to her level of income. I have a story like hers. My husband abandoned me after beating me up a lot. I have fought tooth and nail to rise and get out of my situation."

Walking out the door I said to another lady, "Are you enjoying convention?" To which she replied, "Yes, but I wish the woman's conference was longer." I then asked why. "Because I want to know how women do it, not men."

Going down the escalator to the main event, I struck up another conversation with a couple. I got a reply for my questions posed: "This is our first time to a convention and we are so impressed with the medical doctors.We want to get well!"

Much to my surprise the next speaker was Faith Popcorn, a well known author on financial trends in America. She stated that woman can find out anything from another and it all is so natural for her! I was quite amused at myself as I thought over the last 15 minute break I had . I realized I had talked to 7 people in that time frame. I had learned how many children the men beside me had, that they were from Vermont; that this was their first convention; that they left their wives at home and that they planned on going fishing after the convention was over!

Networking is easy if you remember the first "Rule of Thumb": Get people to talk about themselves! It is that simple! Barbara Walter's wrote a book titled How to Talk With Anyone About Anything. She stated that asking the right questions always got her out of a jam. The one question that remains paramount in my memory was the one, "If you had your life to do over again, would you choose the same career and path?"

I have used this over and over again when approaching people about net-work marketing. I guide the conversation to their income and ask them if they would like to have more. I patiently wait to have them tell me all their concerns and wishes.

When I first started out in MLM I quickly thought that if I "didn't move in for the kill, I would lose the opportunity to make my claim about the benefits and opportunities of networking a residual income business. As the years have past, I feel my success in MLM came when I realized that if I make a friend first, timing and right opportunities will take care of the rest. I then ask the person I am approaching if I can call him at a more convenient time. I find he is more willing to listen to me, since I took the time to listen to him. I try to show him I am considerate of his time frames. I hope he comes away feeling that I didn't pounce on him with " my agenda."

If you are shy, do not be discouraged by what I am portraying here. I have also learned that shy people are intimidated by bold people and would much rather be approached by quiet people like themselves. Not all personality types can reel in all personalities. And as soon as you realize that your are just perfect the say you are, the sooner those people who need to hear it the way YOU say it, will come to you!

I have made a lot of friends networking. There are a million ways to do it, too! Exposure is the key though to doing business. Joining a club in your town, becoming active in an organization where you have time to rub shoulders with others is very beneficial to widening your influence. I network by looking for key people. If you become friends with department heads or anyone who has a organization of people under them is a smarter way to network. For instance, knowing the school counselor is a wise investment of time, for she or he often hears of a teacher who would like to make extra income. Other people to target are the firemen and/or policemen in your area. They work around people who must invest a lot of emotional support to work together. If you get one person in an organization who joins you, then he will usually go to the rest of his associates to tell them of the wonderful opportunity you gave him! Your networking with one key person then fans out to broaden your base of contacts.

Finding out another person's interest can be helpful. Sometimes I approach people by just asking them if they would help me give my packet of information to a friend that it might help. Since I have worked in the health industry for 12 years, this is an easy thing to do. I ask, "Would you listen to this informative tape? Also I have enclosed some powerful literature for you. I believe it is so valuable in content that you will want to also share it with others. I would like to call you when you have had a chance to look over it. Is Friday a good time for you to have me call?" If I get the information out, the numbers for success increase! Wishing does not get us sales. Action does!

When networking I try to always put my best foot forward. If I go to town looking "dumpy" than how can I look successful and approach anyone? But if I am prepared, always having a packet ready to give out, my business cards very accessible, and dressed for success, then the opportunity is much easier to take advantage of. If you look grubby and do not have any material available to give out, how can you tell someone else about the success you are having when you present yourself in a disorganized manner?

It is important to always ask for their business card when trying to get an appointment. If you forget their name, you can casually look down on the card and repeat their name in the conversation. Everyone loves to hear the sound of their own name! And then to follow up with a call within two days of speaking with him is vital to succeeding in networking. The old adage "Strike while it's hot" is so true! Also, "Follow up! Follow up! Follow up!" and "With all your getting, get going!"

Taking notes after you meet someone is very important. If you listen with three ears you can pick up often what their interests are or how many kids they have or that their Aunt Clara has cancer. I look for opportunities to establish a foundation of caring with those I come in contact with. If I can follow up with anything that I have learned about them, it affords me a better opportunity to create a friendship. For instance, my sister had to wine and dine a prospective buyer in her industry. She invited him to dinner, along with his wife. She learned that his wife was an avid weaver. I was with her several hours before the dinner event. She pulled into the local library, checked out 6 books on weaving, got into the car and asked me to drive while she was speed reading on the subject of tapestry, weaving, what yarns to use, how big they make the looms, etc. She got the sale! She knew how to hit the hot button of interest with the people she took out to dinner that night.

Nobody cares how much you know until they know how much you care about them. I believe whether it is a two minute meeting or a 30 minute conversation, the key to networking is caring about the other person and obtaining as much information as you can about them. This way you have more ability in your conversation to weave your objective in introducing them to a fabulous opportunity of establishing multiple streams of income.

The late John Kalanche , a famous networking enthusiast who has written several books on MLM stated that he would rather have 1 million friends who would give him a dollar each, than one friend who would give him a million dollars. I know this to be true. Even if your invitation to join a fabulous opportunity of income is turned down, you have made a friend and that is what networking is all about. Perhaps in a year or two, this friend through loss of a job or boredom with a job will remember what you presented to him. And now he is ready. Timing is every-thing and so is keeping the connection there.

What do I mean, keeping the connection? Send a warm thought to him to tell him you enjoyed meeting him. If he is not interested in your product or business at the first meeting, send him a newsletter or an article on something he addressed with you, later on. This lets him know you have not forgotten his concerns. For instance, if he mentioned "investing" perhaps you will find a dynamo article on that subject. Sending it to him says three things: one, you are sharp, two, you care, three, you follow through on your business practices. He'll notice!

Networking is work, but fun too! I think it is more interesting than sitting behind a desk and working at your computer all day! I think it would be more interesting than driving a bus all day or doing manual labor. Knees give out, corporations down size people, and everyone wants more money!

Networking with others is a wonderful way to introduce an opportunity to set a person free from their financial worries. Do not be afraid of their objectives as you listen. Be creative in your thinking as to how you will turn their lemons into lemonade. Possibility thinking is the success to networking! And when you think of it as making friends first, then you never lose. You never know~ the next person you meet might be the one who opens the door for you making ~a million dollars!

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