Vivid Sensory Visualization
In Goal Setting

Copyright 2000 by Cordell Vail

I have said for years that the one thing that I could not teach a person was AMBITION. Through my intense study of goal setting of late, I have discovered that I have been wrong. You can teach AMBITION. It can be learned. It is an acquirable skill not an inborn trait as I had supposed. I have found a system that can actually teach a person that golden key to success in life - AMBITION. It is not easy to learn ambition, but I now see it is possible.

All of us have some forms of lack of ambition from time to time. When the lack of ambition strikes, we are normally very discouraged and filled with fear. We do not like change. We have found a comfort zone in life that is the course of least resistance. We find our self saying things like, "Keep going to the "J.O.B." every day even if I hate it." "Don't take risks." "Just make it until Friday and next week may be better." "If it is hard to do, put it off." "It will be easier to do if I wait." "I am not going to try things that are new, it will just complicate things in my life." Any of this sound familiar?

We all sit many times a day in a state of deep thought. It is a very normal thing to do. We often call this mediation, day dreaming, or fanaticizing. Some even call it self hypnotism. I call it vivid sensory visualization. While we are in this state of mind several times a day (and we all are) we are programming our brain in a language it understands very well. SENSORY VISUALIZATION. Normally these sensory visualizations are very, very vivid and real. They are filled with feelings. Some times we can even taste, smell, touch, see and hear the elements of the vivid sensory visualization. Psychologists have long since proven that our physical body can not tell the difference between a vividly imagined sensory visualization and that of an actual event - the real thing. Our brain produces all the same electrical signals and chemicals as though it were actually happening. For example a scarry movie or a bad dream does everything to us the real thing does. Why does thinking about or looking at a picture of food make you hungry. If you start to have a vivid sensory visualization of the food, you actually start to smell it, hear it cooking, and actually begin to salivate. You get hungry just thinking about it. The same is true of sexual feelings. Fantasies in your mind if allowed can produce the very same stimulation as the real thing. Vivid sensory visualization can be as real as actually doing. Because this is true we can use vivid sensory visualization for good or for bad in our minds.

There are actually two kinds of people in this world when it comes to ambition. There are those who have a positive sensory visualization and there those who have a negative sensory visualization. What is the difference between the two?

Deep down inside your sub-conscious mind, if our sensory visualization is negative, the dominant thoughts in our mind most of the day are visualizations of things that are in our past that were unpleasant, wrong and that we have failed at. We see those failures in vivid detail and relive them over and over and over again. We may even cuss ourself for how dumb we are. We will repeat negative affirmations over and over saying things like, "I am so stupid." "Why did I do that?" We relive and relive the mistakes of the past over an over. Needless to say, it programs our minds for further failure. When things get tough we quit because we don't want to fail again. When we do think about the future (if at all) our thoughts are filled with fear of risk and failure at trying anything new or unfamiliar. We associate it with the failures of the past. Because of that we are easily discouraged. We look for an out or an easier way to keep from doing what will surely be a failure. You become void of ambition.

Deep down inside your sub-conscious mind, if your sensory visualization is positive, the daily dominant thoughts in your mind are a tendency to look to the future and visualize yourself participating in things that are good and that will be successes in your life. You set goals in your mind and see yourself reaching them in vivid details. Succeeding is the dominant thought of your mind each day. You also have a tendency when you do look to the past to visualize things you were successful at and brought you confidence and happiness. You have a hard time remembering failures and when you do, you think of things you learned from the experience. You think of things that will keep it from ever happening again. You will call upon successes in the past as vivid memories that bolster you up and give you the courage to go on. Positive sensory visualizing makes you excited about the future. You are filled with joy. You are enthusiastic because you want to meet with more success. Your brain produces electrical signals and chemicals that make you happy and fill you with vigor as you experience these positive sensory visualizations. These positive feelings of joy make you ready to accomplish your daily tasks. You are filled with ambition.

The golden question is how can you change from negative to positive. How can you learn to be filled with ambition? Many people think it can come from simple positive thinking. But that simply is not true. If your core values are centered on fear and failure, no amount of positive thinking will change that. The daily doses of negative sensory visualizations will still be there. You have to alter your sensory visualizations.

If you want to be thin, you have to start seeing yourself thin in vivid detail. Run your hand over you smooth tight stomach. Smell the taste of the wonderful wholesome food your are eating. Hear your friends complementing you on how good you look. Stand in front of the mirror and visualize yourself thin. Now go buy the mirror.

If you want to be financially independent, you have to see yourself dressed in nice clothes driving a nice car with the wind blowing in your hair, putting your hand down and feeling the leather seats. Now go to the car dealership and actually sit in one.

If you want to be a confident public speaker, you have to close your eyes and feel the feelings as they give you a standing ovation for the brilliant seminar you just gave. Hear them applauding. Feel the pride and joy of your accomplishment. Feel the feelings. Smell the perfume of the women who introduced you as she gives you a hug to congratulate you. Now go alone to an auditorium and just stand there visualizing the feelings.

If you want to have a new house, see the size of the yard, smell the flowers planted there, enjoy the color of the carpet, the smell of bread baking in the oven, look at the number of windows, feel the texture of the stones in the walk, hear the sound of the birds in the trees, admire the color of the house. Now go to Better Homes And Gardens and get a picture of it and hang it on your wall. Better yet, go to the home show and just stand there feeling it as yours.

Vivid Sensory Visualization includes all of the five senses: SEEING, HEARING, SMELLING, TASTING, AND TOUCHING. Including your Vivid Sensory Visualizations as a part of your daily goal setting and your chances of success will increase by about 99%. May all your vivid sensory visualizations be positive, because both types work equally well.

Now go do it!!!!!

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