How to create a
Vivid Sensory Visualization
in your mind

Copyright 2000 by Cordell Vail

Did you know it hurts to think?

Quit some time ago we were writing articles here in the newsletter on visualization and how you used it to help you with goal setting. There was one article that I promised to write but never did. It was an article on learning how to visualize in your mind. I did not write the article then, because I wanted to try it first and make certain that what I understood about learning to visualize in your mind would work for everyone. I can now tell you after several months, that my method does work.

If you are having difficulty visualizing things in your mind, you are not alone. Many people have trouble closing their eyes and seeing something they don't have, or cant do and want to learn to do. Even if they followed the instructions we gave them to get a picture to look at or visualize them self already able to do something that is very hard for them to do, it still is hard for them to do. Visualizing them self owning or doing something they do not now have or are not able to do for most people is very hard. It takes a lot of self belief or faith. Is that true for you?

For some people, asking you to visualize something in your mind that you do not have, is like asking you to jog a mile. It hurts to think when you are not used to it. Does that sound crazy? Well it is true. Your brain is no different than any other muscle in your body. When it is out of shape, it hurts to use it to think. When we were in school, we had to think every single day. We were used to it. We took classes, read text books, and passed tests. It was a part of the daily routine. Did you know that most people never read another book after they leave high school. Many people never go on learning anything new once they are out of school and in their station in life. They do not listen to educational tapes, they do not go to classes, they do not take seminars. The main educational activity for the American people today is watching TV and movies. That is a fact. Children watch an average of 5 hours of TV a day. Watching TV is not using your brain, it is only being entertained.

I have found in my Success Work Shops that when I ask people to do an exercise that requires mental work, it actually hurts them to think. That is right. It hurts to think. It is very hard for them to do it. Even when it is a simple, easy task, it is hard to do it. It takes effort just like jogging. And most people will not do it without a lot of encouragement.

This is the primary reason that people have a hard time visualizing doing or having something they do not have or do at the present time. It hurts to think about it. You don't believe me when I say it hurts to think do you? I can tell from the smile on your face as you are reading this.

OK! Here is an exercise to prove it to you. This will let you feel what it feels like when it hurts to think. You will actually feel it. Stop reading this newsletter and just look around the room and take any thing you see. The first thing you see. Pick anything and for 30 seconds describe it in vivid detail out loud. That is right. I am asking you to describe something in vivid detail out loud for 30 seconds. Try it.

See! You could not do it. You thought about doing it. You felt it hurt, so you decided to just keep on reading. Now I am smiling.

Now stop and actually do it.

It was hard wasn't it? You had to stretch for words. It started expanding the groves of your mind and it hurt so you wanted to stop. It hurts to think. It is a fact. Now you have felt it. You have to get your brain in shape just like you do your body muscles.

I will now tell you how you can greatly enhance your ability to visualize things in your mind. This is a critical part of goal setting. I am asking for only 30 seconds a day. That is all. Just 30 seconds a day. Can you give me that? OK! Once a day, (and you will need to pick the exact same time and place to do this every day or you will not remember to do it,) for 30 seconds every day try this exercise. I want you to just pick something that you see. Look at it and then try to describe it in its every detail out loud. It is very important that you do this out loud. Take just 30 seconds and describe every little intricate detail of what you see out loud. This is one you can do while driving a car. Every day when you come to that fist stop light do this exercise. I am only asking you for 30 seconds of your time.

I know it will hurt at first. It will be very difficult to do it especially out loud. It may be so hard for you that you will have to come to one of our Success Work Shops and let us teach you how to do it, before you can actually do it. But if you will do it for one week you will be amazed at what it will do for your power to visualize.

After you have done this exercise for a while, you will find it spilling over into other things you try to remember as well. You will find that when you see something you want to remember, later when you are thinking about it, you will remember in great detail what it is that you are trying to remember. You will also find that this simple little exercise, that will be one of the hardest things you have ever done in your life, will greatly enhance your ability to communicate with others. Why? because it will force your mind to start thinking of words as you try to say them out loud. It will help you learn to tie tongue to brain. It will hurt at first, but it will get easier as you do it.

The main benefit of this exercise is, however. not to help you think, remember, give talks, or communicate (all of which it will do). The main benefit is to give you the power to visualize in detail. When you set a goal, you need to write it down, read it two times a day, and as a part of reading that goal every day, close your eyes and visualize yourself as already having it or doing it (please don't try the closing your eyes part while you are driving ha ha ha).

It is impossible for you to fail at reaching your goal if you will faithfully do this two times a day. If you are having trouble with the visualization part of goal setting, then try my little exercise. I know, I know. It hurts to think. But it will get easier. And soon you will be sitting in that new car or playing the piano or what ever it is that you set your goal to do.

Visualization is the most powerful element of goal setting. Don't just brush this little exercise to the side. Stop avoiding the pain of thinking. 30 seconds a day. That is all I am asking you for. Just look at something, anything, and describe it in vivid detail out loud for 30 seconds. In a few weeks you will be a master at visualization I promise you.

So now you know how to gain the power of visualization. The problem is going to be getting you to do it. I know that if you came to one of our Success Work Shops, I could teach you to do it. But for now you will just have to try it on your own. I would like to ask you to try it this week and then email me back, and tell me after you have tried this for one week what results you have had. I know you will be really surprised. I will anxiously await your reply.

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Cordell Vail, W.B.

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