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Now you have set goals (I hope you have) how can you further use this goal setting principle to help you in your business? It does not matter what business you have. The most important thing you have in your business is what? CUSTOMERS! How do you find customers? That is a very important question that I hope you have spent a lot of time thinking about. Apply this visualization principle and it will help you answer that question of how to find customers. One of the reasons we often have trouble finding customers is we don't know what they look like. Does that sound silly. If it does then tell me what your "TYPICAL CUSTOMER" looks like. If you can tell me that very, very specifically I would bet you do not have trouble finding customers.

The broader you market is, the more it will cost you to find customers. If your description of a typical customer is just anyone who lives in North America, or the UK, or where ever you live, you will have a very hard time finding them. Why? How will you recognize them from the ones who are not your customers? I would like to challenge you to try a little experiment with me here. I want you to close your eyes and visualize your typical customer. The ideal customer. The person you are targeting. Try it. Close your eyes now. (I know you can't read and close your eyes at the same time. I will wait............)

Now tell me who you saw. It should have been someone as specific as this example: a woman, divorced, working in an office, earns under $30,000 a year, age 20 to 30, two kids under 5 both in day care, rents an apartment, not making enough to make ends meet, wants to start a home business so she can buy a home. Now that customer would be much easier to find. Why? Because you can tell who she is when you find her and you know where to look for her.

One of the most important things you can do in your business is to narrow the search for customers down to a very, very specific group of people. The narrower the focus, the easier it will be to find your customer. If you don't have a clear visualization of who your customer is, you will have a very difficult time finding them. Have you ever heard it said, "find a NEED and fill it". Well that is not what it is are all about in marketing. It should rather be said. "find a WANT and fill it". People don't buy what they NEED. They buy what they WANT. Otherwise why would potato chips out sell apples 10 to 1. We need to eat good food but we WANT fast food. Find a WANT and fill it.

Visualize what it is that your typical customer WANTS that relates to what you are selling, THEN FILL THAT WANT. That is a niche. If you are trying to convince them to fill their NEED you have a hard selling job ahead of you. Now if you have chosen the right product and it fills their WANT, you should be able to go out there and find a FEEDING FRENZY going on for your typical customers in your niche, who are looking for what you do or what you sell or your product. The essence of all marketing is to solve other people's problems for a profit.

Now that you know WHO your customer is, you can look for places to advertise where that kind of person would look. You see, that is why it is so hard to find your customer if you are just looking at everyone in North America. Where do you advertise that someone wanting what you have would think to look.

Now you know exactly who you are looking for, you can study the profile of that person and find out what they buy, what they read, and where they typically would go to shop. Using our same example again, you know the typical woman you are looking for, because of her financial situation, would likely be looking in the bargain shopper ads to save money. Your strategy would then be to run a small classified ad in the NICKEL AD'S paper. While she is looking for a bargain on some new front room furniture, she will see your ad. If you put an ad in the Wall Street Journal there is little chance she will see it. If your typical customer is a stock broker, then you would not likely find him or her looking in the Nickel Ad's. Get the point? TARGET YOU MARKET.

When they read your ad, ask yourself this one very important question. WHY WOULD THEY WANT YOUR PRODUCT OVER ANY OTHER. You need to develop your UNIQUE SELLING PROPOSITION (UPS). Do you know what your UPS is? Most anything you are doing or selling, someone else is doing it too, or something just like it. That should not worry you. You just have to be better than anyone else. Unique!

If you are worried about the competition, remember that Arctic Circle and Dairy Queen were both around a long time before McDonalds ever came along. And even after McDonalds took that idea away from Arctic Circle and Dairy Queen, and passed them up, then Burger King and Wendy's came along, copied McDonalds and they passed them both up financially too. Was that a new idea that McDonnalds had? NO! They just did it better.

If you have a UNIQUE SELLING PROPOSITION, you don't need to worry who else is doing the same thing. So in your ad's be sure you answer two main questions: I AM THE ONLY ONE THAT..... and second and even more important, be sure the wording in your ad will answer the question for your reader, "WHAT'S IN THIS FOR ME". If your ad can answer those two questions, they will likely call you.

If you have a product you believe in, made by a company you have total faith in, and the customer will get more than their money's worth whether they are using your product, becoming an affiliate or signing up as a distributor with you, then you have the perfect situation. Want to know if you are in the right business now? Well answer this question and you will know. Are you willing to give them a double their money back guarantee if they are not satisfied? If you are not willing to do that, then maybe we need to back up clear back to step one and find a different business plan. To read a wonderful example of this, go to our SUPER SALES LETTER example and read it: SUPER SALES LETTER (You will have to use the BACK BUTTON to get back to here.)


See you at the bank
Cordell Vail, W.B.

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