Food Storage CALCULATOR. This is an excel spread sheet that lets you put in how many members in your family and then it tells you how much of each thing to store.

Using a Door Knob to dry food!
New Food Drying Technique

Here are some wonderful food and water storage programs by Lana Nelson who lives in the Bigfork Ward - Kalispell, Montana Stake
Baby Steps To Preparedness
Milk Class Hand Out
Simple Water Storage Program

Meet Storage: Meat Preservation With A Smoker

Here are some of the tips I have found on food storage, storage shelves, rotation plans, quantities needed per person, etc:

Food storage and food rotation article by Utah State University
Rotating Shelves and Steel Mouse Proof Cabinets

I have been asked that a lot. We go to the day old bread store all the time and buy less expensive bread and then freeze it. One day after it is frozen it is the exact same bread that you would pay full price for at the store.

We also freeze cheese all the time. When it is on sale we buy 5 or 6 of them. I have had cheese frozen up to a year and it was still good. It is a little crumbly when you thaw it out, but the taste does not change.

Something that I do with powdered milk is store a lot of chocolate or Ovaltine to put in it. When it tastes a little different some times it is hard to drink. With Nesquick or Ovaltine in it, it tastes like normal chocolate milk. So here is my 2 year old milk made into chocolate milk.

You can also use powdered milk or milk like this that is a little different tasting in cereal and kids or people will find it easier to eat. Especially if you put fruit or honey on the cereal. So here is cracked wheat cereal, frozen milk, and chocolate drink mix all from my food storage read for a wonderful breakfast!

If you are going to freeze milk, I would recommend you freeze it in smaller containers like one quart so you can use it all up in one day after you thaw it out. There are families who have special health needs or small children who need to have fresh milk. There is your solution. This jug of milk has gone through 2 power outages in the past 2 years. One was 3 days long and the other one was 9 days. We used the generator to run the freezer for one hour in the morning and one hour in the evening and every thing kept fine!

Meat Preservation

I have now built a successful meat smoker.

Eventually we will get to a whole month of providing information on meat preservation. For now, I am making progress on learning how.

I have learned how to make Jerky (which will keep almost indefinitely with out refrigeration).

and now I have even a smoked whole turkey

After we have learned more about smoking meat and other things like preserving it with salt, we will have more information her on meat preservation. For now, this is just a couple of snapshots to show you we are making progress and give you a indication of things to come.

(water storage and medical supplies will be on a separate page of their own)

Please be patient. It will take me a while to get all the materials here. I have lots of material to put here ....

More good things to come, because we will make them come !!!!!!!

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